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Tepla is one of the most fascinating monasteries in the Czech Republic. It includes the monastic library, the abbey church, the monastic park and monastic hospice. The monastery of Tepla, founded 1193 by Czech gentleman blessed Hroznata, experienced in the past both periods of flourishing and decline in accordance with overall situation of the Church, country and nation. However, it was abolished only by totalitarian government in 1950. This should not have been the end of the monastery. Members of the order reintroduced monastic life in the year 1989. Decayed buildings are being renovated by making every effort and numerous spectators have the opportunity to visit the church, library, the available part of the monastery as well as of making use of the hostel, though there is yet lot of work on this project to be done.

The monastic library
It belongs to the oldest and the most significant historic libraries in the Czech Republic. With its extent it is the second largest monastic library in Bohemiaand has about 100 000 volumes. There are precious manuscripts, paleotypes and old theological, scientific documents in many European languages here. For the visitors the main hall is accessible with a new-baroque style decoration.

The abbey church
The church was built between 1193-1232. On 20.6.1232 the Prague bishop Jan II. festively consecrated it in the presence of the Czech king Vaclav I. The exterior of the church is a precious illustration of the change of the roman style into the gothic one. The interior is baroque and contains important works, such as statues by I. Platzer, frescoes by the local painter E. Dollhopf and chorus benches by the local woodcutter T. Pistl. In the northern side chapel the remains of the blessed Hroznata are deposited there. In the church there are also two baroque organs of high quality, which are used beside the divine service also for concerts of spiritual music.

The monastic park
Its present form arose after gradual enlargement and conversion of the garden and orchard in the middle of the medieval bulwarks of the monastery. The back reconstruction of the park was accomplished at the beginning of the 20th century. For the public it has been accessible since 1946. After gradual restoration of the park with a water area and after building up a simple way of cross in a rustic style a unique place for mental and physical relaxation arose.

The monastic hospice
The monastic hospice was festively opened in 1993. It provides stays for individuals and groups during the whole year. The accommodation services provide lodging for all kinds of guests in 48 double rooms and 10 single, 3 luxurious apartments for demanding guests and in 5 triple rooms for tourists. Some rooms are specially equipped for invalids. The kitchen of the monastic hospice provides all-day board as well as fast food. On the menu you can find not only old-fashioned Czech food, but also European cuisine. The menu also includes stag, roe and wild pig specialties. The monastic hospice is an ideal place for arranging professional seminars, schooling, and conferences.

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