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Svata Hora (Holy Mountain) is a peak which dominates over Príbram - approximately 60 km southwest from Prague. It is a place of pilgrimage dedicated to Our Lady. According to tradition the first chapel of Our Lady was built here in 1260 by the knight Malovec. As early as in the 15th-16th centuries a little sanctuary with a tower and bells was situated on the premises. This little church provided a place for the contemporarily adored statuette of Our Lady, which from 1348 had been worshipped by Arnošt of Pardubice, the first Prague Archbishop, in his home chapel in Príbram. The little sanctuary at Svatá Hora was originally watched over by recluses, the most famous of which was Jan Procházka from Nymburk who was healed from his blindness here in June 1632. In 1647 Svatá Hora was entrusted to the Jesuits. This order stayed here for 126 years - till 1773. During that period the present sanctuary was built in 1673 consecrated in honour of the Assumption of Our Lady. The premisses are concieved as a Marian castle. We enter it through the Prague Gate, and the main cathedral is situated in a little courtyard encompassed by open cloisters with four chapels in each corner that are dedicated to the main mysteries from the life of Our Lady (Mníšek Chapel to the Immaculate Conception, Prague Chapel to the Annunciation of Our Lady, Březnice Chapel to the Dolorous Mother of God, Pilsen Chapel to the Death of Our Lady). In the years 1773-1861 the church was administered by priests from the Prague Archbishopric.
In 1861 Prague Archbishop Cardinal Bedrich Josef Schwarzenberg summoned priests from the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists) to Svatá Hora. These stayed here till April 13th, 1950, when they were violently removed during the suppression of monasteries in this country. After 40 years, on March 1st, 1990, they returned to Svatá Hora by a decree of Cardinal František Tomášek.

Most significant celebrations:
The Coronation (an anniversary coronation of the miraculous statuette of Virgin Mary): Movable celebration depending on the date of Easter. This celebration has also its vigil. On Saturday in the early evening, there are various liturgical services, and we can witness a procession of lights after the evening Holy Mass. All participants walk with candles in their hands in the dark through the Holy Mountain area. This procession is not only a spectacle or folkloric show, but above all, it is a symbol of a Christian life which is a pilgrimage to God. Christians do not journey to the Father alone, they are members of a Pilgrim Church. Attendance at such a procession with lights thus is a symbol of our communal journey to God where we light one anothers way. We have already received the candle as a symbol of new life in Christ at baptism. Keeping the light in hand, we present ourselves to Christ – to the fount of a new life.
On the day of the celebration - Sunday the Holy Masses take place, a high mass is usually presided by a Bishop. After this service, the coronation procession with the miraculous statuette of the Virgin Mary - the Mother of Christ, takes place. Then next services take place and stations of the Cross will be prayed, and after that all religious articles of the pilgrims are blessed.
Special pilgrimage - celebration of the Assumption Mary to heaven. This feast takes place always on Sunday after August 15. Usually one of the bishops leads the liturgical celebrations. This feast itself looks like the Coronation celebration.

Svata Hora 591
261 80 Pribram II. - Czech Republic
tel: +42 - 0 - 306 - 626 351, +42 - 0 - 306 - 624 744

Opening hours:

Monday 05:45 - 18:00
Tuesday 05:45 - 18:00
Wednesday 05:45 - 18:00
Thursday 05:45 - 18:00
Friday 05:45 - 18:00
Saturday 05:45 - 18:00
Sunday 05:45 - 16:45

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