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In the town of Humpolec, situated on the edge of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands was in 1991 bought by the family devastated local beer brewery. Such was the beginning of the latest chapter of the story of a beer brand, which has since won recognition under the name Bernard in the market of exclusive beer brands.
Fancy yourself in the town of Humpolec, situated on the edge of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, and imagine you have just bought the local beer brewery. But then you found out that the brawery, whose history dates as far back as the 16th century, had been affected by the events of recent decades so severely that it was on the verge of total collapse. Such was the beginning of the latest chapter of the story of a beer brand that has since won recognition under the name Bernard in the market of exclusive beer brands.
Ever since its establishment, the Bernard Family Brewery has never resorted to simplifying beer production procedures as has been the case with most Czech beer breweries. In other words, the core of Bernard beer brands is based on the use of traditional techniques, such as multiple-phase boiling in four boilers and separation of the fementation and aging processes in lager cellars. Although it is far more time-consuming, the use of this technique provides for a greater precision in brewing and is a proof of our distinctly honest approach to the customer.
The unique quality of natural beer, so characteristic for Bernard beer brands, is being attributed primarily to the ingredients that the Brewery uses to make its beer. Painstaking care is therefore taken in selecting the malt and hops, their proper processing, as well as their application, using special brewing recipes of the Bernard Family Brewery.
The Bohemian-Moravian Highlands is one of the regions where the environment is still clean, and the Bernard Family Brewery wants to respect and preserve it that way. Until recently, for instance, the condition of the Brewery's cooling system and boiler house was severely neglected. Today, their setup is completely changed so that their operation no loger constitutes an ecological threat to their surroundings. The cleanliness of the Bohemian-Moravia Higlands is of particular importance to the Brewery, since the composition and softness of local water is ideal for the purposes of the brewery. For that reason, one of the main objectives pursued by the Bernard Family Brewery involved an overall reconstruction of the origina system of water wells in order to secure a reliable supply of high-quality water that is crucial for the characteristics of the end product.
Within a few years since its coming into existence, the Bernard Family Brewery and its recipes became a concept of distinction. Special brands of the Bernard beer have won high esteem in trade tasting contests, both on the domestic and international leve, in which they were highly praised for their quality and extraordinary characteristics attributed to the brewery's traditional brewing processes. The excellent reputation of Bernard beers is forther confirmed by the interest, on the part of both domestic and foreign companies, in purchasing a licence to brew natural, non-pasteurized beer under the Bernard name. The Brewery's objective is to seek out and serve ophisticated clientele with a distinct taste for best quality merchandise. In the marketing of any exquisite product, it is essential to win the customer's confidence. The people, who a few years ago decided to take over a small regional brewery and write a new chapter in the history of the Bohemian brewing industry by operating it in a distinct manner of their choice, are well aware of their mission.

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