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When calling Prague from outside the country, you must first dial the country code, 420, before the local number. (Note that 420 has been changed from the old country code, 42.) Within Prague, dial only the local number.

Emergency Numbers
Police 158
Fire 150
Ambulance 155

English is not likely to be spoken at these numbers, and there are no equivalent numbers for English speakers.
To reach the foreigners'' medical clinic, call 5292-2146 days or 5292-2191 nights (4 pm-7 am). The service operates 24 hours a day, and English-speaking staff are usually on duty.
The American Medical Center is at Janovskeho 48, phone 8075-7658.

Making phone calls
Phone calls can be made using coins -- 4 KCZ is the minimum for a local call - or telephone cards, which can be purchased at most post offices and newspaper stands. Phone cards come with different levels of phone-time credit and vary in cost. If you''re only planning on making a couple of local calls you may just decide to use the coin-operated pay phones.
Making a call on a card phone is simple: Pick up the receiver, insert the card and dial. The units of phone time count down after you are connected.
Coin-operated phones (motto: "Keep the change") often don''t return your crowns if your call does not go through.

001 North America
0031 Nederland
0044 Britain
0039 Italia
0061 Australia
0081 Japan

Important phone numbers
Telegrams by telephone - 133001
Code numbers for abroad - 1181
Information for numbers in the Czech Republic - 1180

Providing internet services in the Czech Republic is a flourishing business as more and more companies and individuals want to become connected. Don''t necessarily be fooled by some cheap prices of time rental as you may end up spending half an hour trying to establish a connection.

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