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One of the unpleasant risks travellers take is the possibility of becoming ill in a foreign country.
In case of a real emergency you should call for an ambulance. Dial 155. No card or coin is needed for this number from a pay phone. If you don't speak Czech it would be a good idea to have someone who does act as an interpreter.
If you don't need an ambulance but need to get to the hospital, take a taxi to Na Homolce Hospital in Prague 5. The foreigner's clinic there will be able to provide a physician who speaks English.
If your medical problem isn't an emergency, Prague is now home to several clinics that cater to English-speaking clients and which, for a fee, can provide a network of services from a simple examination to accompanying a patient to the hospital.
To buy even a simple aspirin, it is necessary to go a pharmacy, or lekarna. One good, convenient lekarna is at the top of Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske nam. 64, open Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to noon and 2-4 p.m.) Pharmacies that stay open 24 hours a day are listed near the front of the yellow pages phone directory under "Lekarny s nepretrzitou pohotovostni sluzbou". One 24-hour pharmacy near the centre is Lekarna U Andela, Stefanikova 6, Prague 5, near the Andel metro stop (Tel. 53 70 39 or 5732 0918).

Other numbers:
Canadian Medical Center: 02/316 5519
First Medical Clinic: 02/2481 0744
Na Homolce Hospital Polyclinic for Foreigners: 02/5292 2146
Dental Emergencies: 02/24 22 76 63
Health centre Prague, s.r.o: 02/24 22 00 40

Dental Care
Dental services (or referrals) are offered by most of the clinics listed earlier in this chapter, but in emergency, try the following:
American Medical Centers
Janovskeho 48, Praha 7
Tel.: 02/807 756
Open: Monday - Friday 8.30-18.00
Language: English, Czech, French and Spanish

Eye Care
Fokus Optic
Mostecka 3, Praha 1
Tel.: 02/57 31 15 90
Open: Monday - Friday 9-18; Saturday 10-16

Grand Optical
Pasaz Myslbek, Na Prikope 19/21, Praha 1
Metro: Mustek
Tel.: 02/2423 8371
Open: Monday - Saturday 9-19; Sunday 10-18

Eiffel Optik
Jecna 6, Praha 2
Tel.: 02/295 977
Open: Monday - Friday 8-19; Saturday 9-18

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Prague, Czech Republic and Abroad
Directory of cosmetic and plastic surgeons, dentists and clinics.

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