Czech RepublicsipkaHistory CZsipkaHabsburg rule (1526 - 1867)

We made a list of some historical events of Habsburg dynasty that for a long time influenced our history.

1526 Habsburg dynasty takes up the Bohemian throne, the first was Ferdinand I.
1583 Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II. moves court to Prague
1592-1670 Jan Amos Komensky, author of books on education and the first "children's book"
1609 Johanes Kepler, astronomer, publishes Laws of Planetary Motion
1618 - 1648 the Thirty Years' War, this war devastated much of central Europe and shatter Bohemia' s economy, Czech lost their rights and property and almost their national identity, through forced Catholicisation and Germanisation
1618 the second Prague's defenestration - two Catholic nobles were thrown out of the windows of Prague Castle
1620 the Battle of Bila hora - the Czech Estates lost the battle against the imperial army
1740 - 1780 Peace the reign of Maria Theresa, it marked the beginning of the Enlightenment in the empire
1774 compulsory education instituted in network of schools created by Empress
1780 - 1790 the reign of Maria's son Josef II, he brought about the most radical changes to the social structure of the Habsburg lands
1781 the Edict of Tolerance was published, it allowed a large degree of freedom of worship for the first time in over 150 years
1787 Mozart's Don Giovanni premieres, under his condurctorship, at Estates Theatre
1789 V.M. Kramerius published the first Czech revival newspaper
1791 The first industrial exposition in Europe took place in Prague's Klementinum
18th/19th century Czech National Revival was confident to the new Czech intelligentsia
1818 the foundation of Patriotic (today National) Museum in Prague
1825 - 1832 the first long-distance horse railway in Europe built between Ceske Budejovice and Linz
1835-1839 Josef Jungmann published five-volume Czech-German dictionary in Prague
1848 - 1916 the reign of Franz Joseph I.
1851- 1859 Bach's absolutism
1867 the establishment of the so-called Dual Monarchy of Austro-Hungary (two independent states united under one rule)

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