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The reign of the dynasty began when John of Luxembourg (1310 - 1346) was elected King of Bohemia in 1310. The Luxembourg kings added new regions to their kingdom. This realm was named The Crownlands of Bohemia, a term made official by a decree of Charles IV. in 1348. The official Crownlands were made up of the kingdom of Bohemia and the so-called adjoining lands - the margravate of Moravia, the Silesian principalities, Upper Lusatia and, from 1368, Lower Lusatia too.
The kingdom of Bohemia reached its height of power and prestige during the reign of Charles IV. (1346-1378), the second Luxembourg on the throne of Bohemia: In 1344, the Prague Archbishopric was founded. He established Charles University in 1348 - it was the first university founded north of the Alps. Charles IV. was crowned Roman Emperor in Rome in 1355.
1310 the Holy Emperor John of Luxembourg by marrying Wenceslas III's sister Eliska Premysl became Bohemian Queen, he moved to Bohemia and made Prague the new seat of the Holy Roman Empire .
1346 - 1378 the reign of Charles - son of John, Charles became the Holy Roman Emperor (1355), during his rule Prague grew into one of largest and most important cities, in this time Charles University was founded (1348), Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague's New Town and Karstejn Castle started to be built.


1310 - 1346 John of Luxembourg
1346 - 1378 Charles IV.
1378 - 1419 Wenceslas IV.
1420 - 1437 Sigmund of Luxembourg
1438 - 1439 Albrecht II. Habsburg
1453 - 1457 Ladislav Posthumous
1458 - 1471 George of Podebrady

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