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The early and middle Stone Ages represent the oldest period in the evolution of human culture, during which time we see the physical development of humans all the way up to the current form of Homo sapiens sapiens. The economic basis of this time was a predatory mode of subsistence - hunting and the gathering of plant foods. In the first case, we see the oldest human products from a time of more than one million years ago.

For the next period of the later Stone Ages, the primary characteristic is a productive economy based on agricultural production. Here we see the emergence and spread of textile production, woodworking using stone tools, the production of ceramics etc. Settlements and villages of a longer-term nature appeared.

The main occupation of the inhabitants of the latest Stone Ages remained agriculture, with a greater use of domesticated animals and hunting. Here the first objects of metals are produced.

The knowledge of the metal elements, ie. copper and bronze, gradually spread with the beginning of the Bronze Age, although the significance of agriculture and all of the related and indispensable ever developing branches of work remained central, just as in every other prehistoric period.

At the conclusion of the Bronze Age and in the early Iron Age, the previously common use of bronze gave way to the discovery and gradual predominance of the use of iron. At this time, Central Europe is greatly affected by the ancient Mediterranean region and under this influence arises the Halts culture. A number of new manufacturing fields appear and the use of bronze and later iron is perfected.

In the late Iron Age, the decisive force in Central Europe became the Celts. Our "oldest cities", represents the climax of the entire prehistoric period.

With the beginning of the 6th century, the first Slavs come to our lands. In the 7th century arose the Samo empire, in the 9th century the Greater Moravian empire, and in the 10th century early in the Middle Ages, we see the Czech state emerge headed by the Premyslides.

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