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Bohemian first began developing as an independent state in the 80's. Prince Borivoj established the first wing of Prague Castle circa 873, and Prague became the seat of the dynasty. His grandson Prince Wenceslas' (Vaclav), later reigned (921-935) as the fabled "Good King Wenceslas", and later still, the patron saint of Bohemia. King Otto of Germany conquered Bohemia in 950, incorporating it within the Holy Roman Empire.

870s the founding of Prague Castle by Prince Borivoj
935(?) murder of prince Wenceslas, later he became St. Wenceslas the patron saint of Bohemia
950 the German King Otto conquered Bohemia and incorporated it into his Holy Roman Empire
1198 Bohemia become Bohemian Kingdom, first king was Premysl Otakar I.
1212 Roman King Frederick II. affirms independence of Bohemian Kingdom and heredity of title "king"
1253 - 1278 the reign of King Premysl Otakar II., he became famous as "iron and golden" king, he expanded the Czech kingdom beyond Bohemia and Moravia into what is now Austria and Slovenia, Premysl was killed in the Battle of Moravske Pole
13th century German colonization
1306 murder of Wenceslas III, it marked the end of Premyslid dynasty (he had four sisters, but female succession was not recognized in Bohemia)

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