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Jan Hus, preacher and rector of Charles University, led a church reform movement against the corruption of the catholic Church a century before Martin Luther.
Between 1420 and 1431, general Jan Zizka and the Hussite forces defeated five crusades ordered by the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor. But the radicals ultimately lost the fight in 1434.

1378 - 1419 the reign of Charles IV's son Wenceslas IV., his reign was also characterized by religious division within the Czech Lands and Europe as a whole
1380 the plague which had raged in Europe from 1347 - 1352 decimated the Kingdom of Bohemia
1402 Jan Hus, Rector of University of Prague, inspired by English thinker John Wycliffe, preaches against Church corruption
1409 Vaclav VI. signed Decree of Kutna Hora, giving Hus' group control over Prague higher education. In protest, German teachers and students leave and found university in Leipzich
July 6th, 1415 Jan Hus was burned at the stake in Constance, Hus preached against wealth, corruption and hierarchical tendencies, his martyrdom spared a religious - as much as a nationalist - rebellion in Bohemia
1419 first Prague defenestration - several Catholic councilors were thrown to their death from the windows of Novomestska radnice
1420 the Battle of Vitkov in Prague - the Hussites under the military leadership Jan Zizka against the royal army "crusaders", the foundation of Tabor by Hussites
1419 - 1437 the reign of the Emperor Sigismund - brother of Wenceslas IV, Sigismund was not accepted as the Bohemian King from the Bohemian Estates
May 30th, 1434 Defeat of Hussite radicals at the Battle of Lipany. Agreement reached between Hussites, Basle Council and Sigismund of Luxembourg
1458 - 1471 the reign of Georg of Podebrady, he was called "Hussite King" this king had a great idea to make an alliance of European kings against Turkish attacks
1485 Religious conciliation at Died in Kutna Hora concludes religious peace with Hussites "for eternity". Czech lands become region of religious tolerance
1471 - 1526 the reign of the Polish Jagiellonian dynasty
1526 Ferdinand of Habsburg elected King of Bohemia, beginning of reign of Habsburg dynasty

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