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Sport fans can find a magnificent variety of countryside relief with a wide range of sporting events in the Czech Republic. We have a rich sport tradition here, with many famous names - from Martina Navratilova to Jaromir Jagr. Ice hockey is probably the most succesfull sport discipline in the Czech Republic and Czechs are very proud they are very good at it.
There are many opportunities for leisure sport fans too. The relief of the country offers a number of opportunities for downhill and cross-country skiing fans. The Czech Republic is an ideal place for winter sport lovers. There are three main centers of skiing in the Czech Republic - Krkonose, Jeseniky and Krusne Hory. The ridge is easily accessible in many ways, climbing up to relatively considerable heights, so ski fans can comfortably use their own public transport direct to the heart of the ski slopes.
A lover of mountain scenarios (hiking, rambling & trekking) will enjoy the endless forests of the Sumava region, the Krkonose Mountains with the highest peak of Bohemia and Moravia Snezka, the melancholy Jeseniky Mountains and the pleasant Beskydy Mountains.
Sure, we can't forget cycling tours throughout Bohemia. There are a lot of bicycle paths in the Czech Republic, cycling is a very popular activity here.
For tennis enthusiasts the Czech Republic is a fascinating country, for many reasons.
In the Southern Bohemia there are 46 fishing regions with salmon fish abundant.
Are you looking for adventure? O.K.! Go to extreme sports (paragliding, climbing, aero sports, parachuting etc.)
The Czech horse riding federation organizes classical riding disciplines (jumping, dressage, multi-discipline, and team riding) in 500 clubs. Some of these also arrange recreational and hippo-therapy, horse-riding in the countryside and summer horse-riding courses. Stay on farms and enjoy the lovely countryside.
As you can see there are many more sporting opportunities in the Czech Republic. Find here some basic descriptions, recommended routes etc.!

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