What´s new on the pages?What´s new on the pages?

What's new in the pages

Real time booking!
We have developed a new way for our Internet business, to even better meet your, our clients', needs. Now you have the option to check the availability of your preferred accommodation and book it on-line, so our web site gives you the unique opportunity to arrange your stay in the Czech Republic all by yourself! This real time reservation facility incl. secure credit card payments is not currently available at any other web site provided by our competitors anywhere in the Czech Republic.

Choose your language!
Now our web site gives you the possibility to check languages of our multi-lingual staff! Our highly sophisticated, unique, online discussion system enables you, our customer, to contact our booking assistants in the language of your choice!
Just go to the Our consultants page and choose from available operators an operator, that can speak your preferred language.

ON LINE discussion available now!!!
Want to discuss your itinerary right now free of charge? Need an immediate response? Want to talk to people directly? Experiencing any problems? 24 hours customer support is our answer! Contact us anytime you want!
It’s about the time! - I hear you shout. Yes, finally, E-TRAVEL.CZ is working non-stop. It means there will be someone to talk to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ONLINE!! You don’t have to wait for opening hours any more. Just visit our discussion room to chat online, anytime you need.

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Prague apartments and hotels - Accommodation in Prague and the Czech Republic.

Need immediate help or consultation? Go to the on-line discussion with our operators or contact us on:
CZ - Prague - phone +420-224 990 990-7, fax +420-224 990 999, toll free numbers: 800 800 722 (CZ), 1-877-744-1222 (US), (0)808-120-2320(UK)
e-mail reservations@travel.cz or ICQ 267010033.
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