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Who we are?
Travel agency E-TRAVEL.CZ was established in April 1991 as Tom's Travel Ltd and since the beginning of its existence it has specialized its activities on incoming travel services for individual travellers to Prague.

Nowadays our company focuses on the use of modern technologies in the travel and tourism industry. We're not totally sure, but we were definitely among the first who moved their business to Internet. By the end of 1995, we had developed our first web site project, launched in May 1996. Currently, we have around 500.000 visitors on web site per year and the web presentation has become a significant part of our business.

We think we live in a beautiful country, which is worth visiting. Since our foundation we have booked holidays for more than 100.000 individuals travelling to Prague and other destinations in The Czech Republic.

We personally maintain itineraries of our clients on a daily basis. Our power is our constant presence in Prague where we target the best services, new events and where we have up-to-date all important information.

Whatever your needs - accommodation, (we have a wide selection of apartments and hotels throughout Prague and the Czech Republic), tours, theatre/opera tickets, tourist information and more - you can be sure that we can help you. We also have locally negotiated rates, which give you full value for money.

You've probably heard how beautiful Prague and the Czech Republic is, so if you decide to come let us organize your stay here. English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Czech is spoken.

We also have a 24 hour call centre and response policy.

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Prague apartments and hotels - Accommodation in Prague and the Czech Republic.

Need immediate help or consultation? Go to the on-line discussion with our operators or contact us on:
CZ - Prague - phone +420-224 990 990-7, fax +420-224 990 999, toll free numbers: 800 800 722 (CZ), 1-877-744-1222 (US), (0)808-120-2320(UK)
e-mail reservations@travel.cz or ICQ 267010033.
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