Traveller´s tipsTraveller´s tips

Here are some special tips for travellers coming to Prague and the Czech Republic.

When to book:

In Prague it can get pretty busy. Being the most romantic city in the world, does draw the tourists. This, combined with international conferences and special events, fills up the hotels and apartments.

This is why we recommend you book well in advance when it comes to New Year, Easter, Christmas and summer; in order to get a place. Do not just come to Prague hoping to find something, because more often than not, you won't. Do not come to Prague thinking you'll get cheaper hotel prices than through us, E-TRAVEL.CZ never increases the original hotel price.

E-TRAVEL.CZ also offers a cheap alternative to hotels; apartments. Many forget there is an alternative to hotels, or just think that an apartment will be too expensive. Not so! Apartments can also be cheap, and spacious, offering you not only comfort and relaxation, but also privacy.

Sometimes, Prague is home to exhibitions, cultural events and conferences. This draws in tourists for a certain period in the year. Should any of these types of events take place, you'll be informed on our web site, well in advance.

When to expect discounts:

You can generally expect discounts when booking a last-minute holiday, or in low season, up to 20% less. Also try to ask for a discount for weekend stays at business hotels.
While we really appreciate the loyalty of all our clients, we offer them the advantages of the following discount scheme.

Book a hotel or apartment at E-TRAVEL.CZ three times & get a 5% discount off any additional booking.
Extend your stay in Prague through E-TRAVEL.CZ & pay 10% less for an extended period (extension is available upon request).
Book accommodation in Prague and get 10% off sightseeing tours and cruises.
Stay 10 nights within a 12 month period & you will be entitled to one free night in a place you have stayed!!!

Only one discount type is available at one time. Vouchers are transferable; you can share all the advantages with your friends.

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